6 Free (or Low-cost) Social Media Marketing Tools

6 Free (or Low-cost) Social Media Marketing Tools

Ramping up your Social Media Marketing? Overwhelmed by all of the different tools available? Here are 6 easy-to-use tools that will help you build a powerful social media presence and turn followers into leads.

1) The Grammarly Keyboard enables you to check your spelling and grammar whilst you are out and about, by installing the keyboard onto your mobile phone or tablet. You can type your message or blog post with your device’s standard keyboard and then use the Grammarly Keyboard to check your work when you have finished typing. No one wants to send an email, or launch a blog post with incorrect spelling, grammar or punctuation. This app is a great way of ensuring that doesn’t happen.

2) Let’s Enhance is a free tool that boosts image resolution by up to 4x without degrading the quality of the image. The tool lets you boost resolution, whilst still keep images clear and sharp. If you only have a JPEG of the image you want to use for your content, Let’s Enhance will remove noise from it automatically, so you can create a high-resolution version of the image. This is a really useful tool for ensuring your images stand out.

3) A great app for iOS AR Placer Cam. An augmented reality app for inserting text or emoji’s into your videos. It has recently been updated to include 3D text. The text or Emojis are inserted whilst you record, so you need to set that up in the app before you start. A fun and useful way of adding titles or names straight into your video. At £1.99, this is a bargain.

4) For analysing both your Twitter and Instagram followers, Social Rank is a really useful tool. With the free version, Social Rank uses various criteria to analyse your followers, which you can filter and sort by what is relevant to you. If you choose to upgrade to the paid version, you have a range of other options, including creating and exporting reports. An ideal tool to see the types of follower you are attracting on these platforms.

5) Canva is a design and editing tool that really helps you stand out from the crowd. In addition to their design features, they also have millions of stock photographs and illustrations to help get you started. They offer three different payment plans starting with their Free Forever plan, which includes two folders, 1GB of storage, access to over 8,000 templates, access to millions of photos from $1 each. They also have their Canva for Work plan for $12.95 month and their Enterprise plan for companies with 30 or more users. A helpful tool to get you started and progressing with design.

6) After putting the effort into your social media marketing, you will naturally want to know if your hard work has paid off. One way to do this is to use an Analytics tool. Whilst there are lots of tools out there, Google Analytics is a great place to start and it’s free. It will give you real-time detailed information on your website traffic, such as visitor numbers, and where those visitors are coming to your website from. It can also collect demographic information, such as age and gender, where this is available. This information can be used by you, as part of ensuring your social media marketing is reaching the right audience.

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