Webinars Are A Powerful Tool for Attracting and Converting New Business

Whether you are running webinars or thinking about introducing them as a tactic to win new customers, we can help. Our people are veterans of hundreds of marketing and sales webinars and online demos. We can bring our practical expertise and experience to your webinars.

  • Create Killer Promotional Materials: Get an expert opinion on your webinar marketing assets before go-live. Refine your messaging and deliver powerful content that gets results.

  • Optimise Your Presentation Slides For Maximum Impact: Creating great slides is a difficult balance of content, visuals, messaging and brand. We can help you refine this to a pointed presentation that delivers your core messages in a powerful, engaging way.

  • Presenter Coaching for Webinars: Whether you’re new to webinar presenting or an experienced presenter, an objective review followed by practical advice on how you improve your presentation effectiveness and quality can supercharge your results.

  • Engage Attendees and Turn Them Into Customers With A Sales Moderator: Delivering a great presentation is a big challenge. But if you’re trying to achieve sales from your webinars, or move potential clients through the buyer’s journey, you’ve got a lot more to think about. Don’t lose your focus on delivering a great presentation. Our expert Sales Moderators have decades of experience in enterprise sales. Let them be the sales voice of your webinar, guiding prospects through the sales process while you focus on delivering a powerful, high-quality presentation.

  • Audience Recruitment and Webinar Promotion: Without enough of the right attendees, your webinar is never going to generate the sales results you’re looking for.

We create and run stand-alone webinars, as well as structured series, to meet your sales and marketing goals. Get in touch and chat to one of our specialists about your requirements.