11 Free Web-Based Inbound Marketing Tools to Get You Started

11 Free Web-Based Inbound Marketing Tools to Get You Started

If you are new to web-based marketing it can be time-consuming and confusing wading through all of the free and fee-based tools that are available on-line. We have come up with a list of 11 free web-based marketing tools to help you get started with Inbound.

1) Google Analytics gives you a great starting point for your web based marketing. It provides you with detailed analytical information about the visitors journey through your site and detailed information about the traffic to your site.

2) Canva is a brilliant free tool that includes free templates and photo editing and also lets you create your own designs. It also has free teaching materials and tutorials as part of its Design School.

3) The SumoMe Beginner’s Package is free forever and includes all of their apps; List Builder, with light box pop-up tools, Heat maps, to show you where visitors are clicking on your site and Share, which allows you to easily add social media buttons to your site.

4) It is really important to think about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s known, when you are preparing your web based marketing. One tool that can help you with this is Keyword Finder. Keyword Finder will suggest other keywords you can use in your marketing that while still being relevant, have lower SEO competition from other sites.

5) There are several stock photo sites out there but for one with really great image quality you could try Unsplash. They have a range of different collections and provide 10 new images every 10 days. You can do what you want with the photographs and no attribution is needed.

6) Video content is a really great web-based marketing tool and producing great video content is impossible without good editing software. WeVideo is powerful, web-based video editing software that will get you started for free.

7) And to help you master video editing, Vimeo Video School has some excellent free lessons as well as powerful and free hosting.

8) Once your video is ready, Wistia is a great video hosting tool and with its free package, you can create three videos per month. Ideal if you are just getting started with video marketing.

9) With any marketing whether it is web based, face to face, on the phone, billboards etc, it is important to know who you are marketing too. Buyer Personas are one way of doing this. Click here to look at our blog post on Buyer Personas and to download your free template, to help you get started.

10) If you are stuck for ideas for your Blog, one great free web based marketing tool to help with this is Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. You type in some area’s you would like to write about and the Blog Topic Generator comes up with topics for you. Great if you are having one of those blank mind moments! You can also check out our 27 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Now.

11) An important part of web-based marketing is social media. You need to be able to access your customers quickly and you also want them to be able to see your content at a time and place that’s convenient and easy for them. There are several social media management tools out there, but one that offers a basic free package is Hootsuite. This is great if you are finding your feet using and managing social media.

Look out for the next instalment in this series which will focus on when it’s worth spending your hard earned cash on paid web-based marketing tools.

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