27 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Now

27 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Now

Effective Inbound lead generation for technology solutions means you need to be blogging well and often. But how do you write an effective inbound marketing blog post when inspiration doesn’t strike? Here are 27 ideas you can start work on straight away to get your blog generating leads online.

27 Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Now

  1. Review a book that’s linked to your product or service
  2. Interview someone – an expert from inside your business, or even a customer who can sing your praises
  3. Create a guide sheet or eBook that helps people in an area related to your product or service
  4. Create a cheat sheet to help your customers and prospects achieve something (like the one you’re reading now)
  5. Write a motivational post using quotes from key figures in business, politics and philosophy – make sure it relates to your business, or a market you are targeting
  6. Create a list of key points on a subject area in which your business has expertise
  7. Create a ‘how not to’ post
  8. Publish an infographic that will help your prospects and customers understand and overcome a key challenge. You can make an infographic easily and cheaply here.
  9. Ask industry experts, or even subject-matter experts within your business to submit guest posts (be sure to advise them of the house style of copywriting)
  10. Publish a post of positive customer comments you’ve received
  11. Create a narrative post detailing your experiences on a key project (make sure you have the customer’s permission if you use their name – otherwise ensure they cannot be identified, or you could end up with a legal case against you. If in doubt, always ask a lawyer for approval.)
  12. Write a reaction piece to an industry article you’ve read
  13. Curate related content from other industry blogs (non-competitors) and create a themed post
  14. Dispel a perceived wisdom or industry myth
  15. Curate tweets on a theme and publish them in a blog post
  16. Revisit a departed giant of your industry and explain why they were important and what lessons can be learned from them
  17. Live blog from an industry event, reporting on key speakers and exciting innovations
  18. Video blog from an industry event
  19. Video blog on a day in the life of one of your consultants
  20. Hold a webinar and publish a concise transcript on your blog
  21. Summarise a longer article, by outlining the key points in a shorter post. Don’t plagiarise, it’s important to link back to the original article.
  22. Create a post of great examples of success in a particular area, such as this.
  23. Create a series of posts on a particular topic by dividing a longer article into smaller stages
  24. Create a free resources post to help your customers in a particular area
  25. Create an image post cheaply using a design site like Canva
  26. Create a podcast by interviewing subject matter experts in and outside your company and post it on your blog (here’s some help getting started in business podcasting).
  27. Create a profile on an important figure in your industry.

More Ways to Get New Content

And don’t forget, if you have a longer piece of content like an eBook, you can easily repurpose sections into blog posts, data sheets etc. Check out our free eBook for some ideas on getting started.

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