How a Backlink on Forbes Will Boost Your Inbound Lead Generation

How a Backlink on Forbes Will Boost Your Inbound Lead Generation

Building high authority backlinks to your site is one of the best ways to rank higher in search engines. There’s a study of more than 1 million websites which backs up this claim. It concludes as follows:

"a site’s overall link authority" … "strongly correlates with higher rankings"

While an on-page SEO strategy is important, it won’t be enough to fulfil all of your marketing needs. It would be ideal to rank better through Inbound lead generation methods like high-authority backlinks.

This is why many funded startups are using brand mentions on Forbes to grow their businesses from day one. It’s a double whammy, as your site will see a ranking boost and the increased exposure will make it easier for you to attract new leads.

How Brand Mentions on Big Sites Help You Your site’s ranking strength can improve if you get mentioned on large websites like Forbes. Having your content featured on a large site adds trust to your company and lets you showcase industry experience and knowledge.

A mention in Forbes can generate real buzz with very little promotion. Your brand awareness will increase as a result of your content going viral. The more you surface around mainstream media, the more people will trust you.

This kind of targeted backlink strategy is an essential component of your digital lead generation campaigns. If you’re foreign to this area, before starting, check out our post on Inbound Marketing to learn more.

Getting Started If you’ve decided on a Forbes guest post, the next thing to do is find a contributor willing to work with you. This can be tough, but there are many "influencers" that offer this service. The biggest confusion you’ll face comes when differentiating the types of posts; the main types of Forbes posts are:

  • Editorials: which are used to cite your website for informational purposes and to obtain a do-follow backlink.
  • Featured posts: which are used to not only convey a message but also to infuse a call-to-action and promotional reference to your business.
  • Roundups: which are used primarily for obtaining do-follow links and generally feature up to 10 different client links in one post.

While each can help, only featured posts offer everything a tech startup could want. It’s the heightened exposure for your brand that counts; with a quality mention on Forbes, your B2B Inbound lead generation campaign will be fueled to go.

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